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International Contacts Department


PhD, associate professor Malomuzh Tetiana Vasylivna




Kyrytsia Inna - foreign students' manager


Karamian Karine - department senior inspector


General information

The International Contracts Department was founded in 2004 for the purpose of organizing, developing and strengthening international co-operation of the university.

The main goals and objectives of the department are:

1. Promotion of scientific achievements of the faculty and students of the university among foreign educational institutions and the scientific community.

2. Education and training of foreign students and postgraduate students in KNTU.

3. Saving of exhibition activity in Ukraine and abroad.

4. Search for potential partner organizations/Potential partner organizations search. Intensification and profound cooperation with the universities, which signed a cooperation agreement.

5. Entry of the University to the international organizations which conduct educational and scientific activities.

6. Creation of positive image, promotion of information concerning personnel achievements, essence of educational services provided by the university.

7. Establishment of new international contacts with the leading educational and scientific institutions in Europe and in the world.

8. Involvement of teachers and university students in participation in international programs and projects, as well as their education and training in the leading universities in Europe and in the world.

9. Profound cooperation with international and national funds for receiving financial support for students', postgraduate students' and teachers' participation in the international programs.

10. Information and consulting support for participation in the international programs and activities.

11. Establishment and effective maintenance of regular working contacts with foreign embassies, representatives of international organizations.

12. Invitation and reception of official foreign delegations and some leading experts.


Kherson National Technical University is officially registered by the European Commission as an organization, which can participate in all scientific and educational programs of the EU, in particular in the research and innovation Framework Program called Horizont 2020. Official registration gives KNTU a title to apply for financial support of research and educational projects, to participate as a partner in various international projects, which are financed by the EU. Official representative of KNTU in the European Commission ‒ PhD, associate professor Malomuzh T. V.

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Telephone: +380 (552) 326 974
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