About the Faculty

The Faculty of Integrated Technologies was established on the basis of general technical faculty in 1967.

The graduates of the Faculty work as masters, engineers, technologists, economists in the spinning and weaving factories, laboratories, design bureaus, research institutes, installation and commissioning offices and factories of chemical cleaning. The graduates of the Faculty of Food Technologies recommended themselves on such famous companies as "Sandora", "Tavria", "Danone", "hrofirma "Chumak ", with which KNTU maintains close contacts. Today, 65 of 50 teachers have academic degrees, including academic titles of associate professor or professor - 39 teachers.

The Faculty trains bachelors and masters. Postgraduates and doctorates are studying and working on doctoral theses, they are able to defend their theses in a Specialized board of the University on specialties 182 - "Technology of Textile Materials, Garment and Knitwear Production", "Technology of Cereals, Legumes, Grain Products and Feed-stuffs, Oil and Bast cultures".

The Faculty helds a large research work in various areas. Researches and developments of energy-saving technologies, processing of textile materials are carried out in branch laboratory of Faculty of Chemical Technologies, Expertise and Food Safety. Every year the research work of faculty employs about 80 students. In the graduated departments about 70% of students do graduate research work, of which some part has a practical importance and is implemented in production.

Participations in scientific conferences, vernissages of art works, industrial exhibitions not only in the city area, but also abroad provides in order to expand the students' education area and enable them to discover their individual creative abilities and inclinations from the first course.

Today, our graduates work as heads of large, medium and small businesses, consultants at companies, university staff in research institutions, advertising agencies.