Facilities for international students

The university has a complex of six educational buildings, students’ campus, a catering complex and a sports center. There is a modern library with library stock of about 362 000 copies of paper and electronic editions, access to network resources is provided to users through WI -FI in the reading room.

In administration building there is a student club and an assembly hall for more than 500 seats.

The Museum of History of KNTU is also involved in educational process. The University Museum has become the center of studying, keeping and popularization of historical and cultural heritage of KNTU.


KNTU has three student hostels situated in park area. The hostels have rooms for two students or three students. The rooms are fully equipped for living and studying. There are kitchens, showers, laundries with washing machines, gyms. Also, students have free access to the Internet.

Cost of living

The cost of living in a student hostel is 500 UAH (20 USD) per month. There is a canteen and lunchrooms at students’ disposal.

Health and Insurance

On the territory of university campus there is students’ polyclinic which cooperates closely with the polyclinic of the Kherson City Clinical Hospital named after A.S. Luchansky. The ambulatory is equipped with modern medical equipment. First aid is administered and preventive medical examinations are made regularly.

Learning conditions

The educational process is carried out in lecture rooms, lecture multimedia classrooms, auditoriums for seminars and practical classes, classrooms for laboratory classes. Students' training is conducted using IT technologies in specialized computer laboratories with access to the Internet.

Foreign Ukrainians, whose status is confirmed by the foreign Ukrainian certificate, are admitted equally with the Ukrainian residents and have the same rights and admission conditions.