How can you enter the university?

Procedure for issuing invitations to foreigners and non-citizens to study in Ukraine and their registration

All foreign entrants who come to Ukraine for study purposes have to get from the university to which they are applying for an Invitation for study. Such invitations can be issued only by specially organized commission after providing the University with the following documents: passport, education certificate (or diploma) and Consent to personal data collection and processing:

Documents have to be translated into Ukrainian with a notarial certification.

The registration of invitations for foreigners, who come to study in Ukraine, is processed by the Ukrainian State Center for International Education. It is a structural unit of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which acts as its official representative in education of foreign students in Ukraine.

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The invitation is issued personally to the applicant or a company-partner (or scanned copy is sent by email).

Procedure of application and documents submission of foreigners and non-citizens

To enter Kherson National Technical University, a foreigner has to submit an application personally in paper form. What is more, an applicant should pass in additional documents:

1) Passport and its transcript;

2) Education Certificate and its transcript;

3) Supplement to Education Certificate and its transcript (in case of availability);

4) A valid insurance policy;

5) 4 photos (size 30x40mm);

6) Transcript of the certificate of the foreign Ukrainian;

7) Invitation to study.

Copies must be translated into Ukrainian with a notarial certification.

The University enrolls foreign citizens according to the results of the entrance examination (the interview) and on the basis of the concluded contract.

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